The Wayfarer’s Journey
A Modern Retelling By Brent Riggs
of the Pilgrims Progress


a person who travels by foot.

the distance, time, and process likened to a complete a passage from one point to another.


For a couple of hundred years, “The Pilgrim’s Progress” was one of two or three books almost every family read along with the Bible. Originally written in what is now very difficult and archaic King James English, a few modern versions have been produced. As I was reading one of them to my children, I realized that even modern versions (written decades ago) are written in a style and vocabulary that is not comfortable reading for today’s readers. One of my children said “Daddy, would you rewrite this where we can understand it?”

Since I’ve published many books (view them here), and rewritten many older works for easy reading (here’s a few: Puritan Prayers, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights), I realized The Pilgrim’s Progress was a perfect choice.

I wanted to do a genuine re-writing of the story not just simplify a few unusual or archaic words. So I went through the story line-by-line and produced this version in own way of communicating. My goal was to keep the original message in tact while producing an enjoyable and easy-to-read style.  Along with that, I have included definitions that will help the reader understand the meanings of characters and places as well as a discussion guide meant for personal, family or group studies.  If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact me.

There is a reason this story is a classic.  Come along with me and experience the journey countless others have already taken.  Click here to begin the journey...